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AmCham Cuba

The American Chamber of Commerce of Cuba in the United States is a clearing house of apolitical information and a contact point for Americans interested in the reopening of U.S. investment in Cuba.


Change, Cuba And The Internet -Part 2

LONDON, England -- When it comes to Cuba what is often missed is that its government’s primary focus is not on the process of normalising its relationship with the US, but on the far more fundamental domestic reforms that are gradually changing the...

Pearl Seas Cruises Announces Spring 2016 Cultural Voyages To Cuba

GUILFORD, CT, U.S.A. -- Pearl Seas Cruises announced that it plans to offer a series of 7 to 10-night cultural voyages to Cuba in the spring of 2016.

Why Caribbean History Matters | Cuba

Over the years, I have had dozens of conversations on the question of whether Caribbean history “really matters” and for whom it matters. I’ve heard the region’s history dismissed due to the relative size of Caribbean societies, historians’ supposedly excessive preoccupation with slavery, and a questioning of what lessons can be learned from such allegedly dysfunctional societies.

Lillian Guerra
InsightCuba Launches Weekend In Santiago De Cuba Tour With Nine Departures Starting January 2016

NEW ROCHELLE, NY, U.S.A. -- Six months after the White House's historic announcement that the U.S. would reestablish diplomatic relations with Cuba, longtime Cuba tour operator insightCuba has seen demand more than double.

Change, Cuba And The Internet -Part 1

LONDON, England -- In the last seven months much has been written about Cuba and the reopening of full diplomatic relations with the US. For the most part media interest has outpaced reality...


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