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Caribbean Hotels, Resorts, Villas and more...

Whether you’re traveling to the Caribbean for business or leisure and pleasure, or a combination of both, you will always find a Caribbean accommodation to suit your specific needs.

The Caribbean region features Caribbean accommodations for singles, couples, families, friends, groups and business travelers. Many destinations also offer eco-resorts, eco-lodges or cottages as retreats for nature lovers.

Some Caribbean islands also offer camping opportunities, houseboats and beach houses.

Caribbean accommodations vary in size from very small to very large, from simple guest houses to five star hotels and all-inclusive hotels and resorts.

Small Caribbean accommodations include facilities such as: guest houses, vacation homes, bed & breakfast lodgings, vacation apartments, inns, casas particulares, bungalows, cottages (cabañas), paradores and small hotels. They are usually managed by the owner and feature a homely ambience and personal attention..

In the larger category you can choose from a large array of Caribbean hotels, resorts, all-inclusive resorts and villas. They are usually owned by local investors and /or International hotel operators. All well known hotel & resort brands can be found in the Caribbean region.

Other options for Caribbean accommodations are vacation villas and condominiums which are available throughout the Caribbean for rent or lease. Rental villas are recommendable alternative for family trips, group vacations or business retreats.

The Caribbean region also features plenty small islands and cays. Some of them have been developed into exclusive Caribbean resorts and retreats, offering a private and secluded vacation experience. Private islands are also available as a holiday alternative.

Caribseek Caribbean Accommodations is your guide to numerous alternatives for a memorable stay in the Caribbean.

Caribseek Caribbean Accommodations features valuable information on: Caribbean resorts and hotels, vacation rentals, apartments, holiday villas, guest houses, accommodation agencies, reservation centers, attractive last-minute offers and hotel reviews.

Investment opportunities in vacation real estate abound in the Caribbean. The best known systems are time-sharing and vacation ownership.

Diving and Yachting Vacation Accommodations

Many Caribbean hotels and resorts offer dive services. However, if you are a seasoned diver, or simply want to experience one of the many courses to learn how to dive, CaribSeek Diving and Snorkeling is your best on-line information resource for the ultimate diving experience of your life.

CaribSeek Diving and Snorkeling offers indebt information on dive hotels and dive resorts, as well as information on dive schools, courses and interesting dive sites in the Caribbean.

Caribbean Marinas and Yacht Clubs also offer many alternatives and possibilities to those who want to enjoy yachting and love water sports. Caribbean Marinas and Yacht Clubs are listed under CaribSeek Watersports and Yachting.



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